Our Aspects on Wood Floor Fitting

One of the most integral aspects of the wood floor installation is proper subfloor preparation. Before getting down to the wood floor fitting your new floor, there are things that need to be done to ensure proper and lasting floor installation.

Our Methods of Wood Floor installation:


In this type of wood floor installation, popular with engineered wood flooring and laminate floorings, the floors planks can fit / click together directly without gluing or nailing. That type of floor fitting, not bonded directly to the subfloor, allows installation of specific types of underlay – for sound insulation or damp insulation. Each plank connects to the others through grooves and tongues, much like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This method allows installation of floors over surfaces that are not and for some reason, cannot be made perfectly flat.

Using Professional Wood Floor Adhesives

Gluing down with a professional wood floor adhesive can sometimes be the only way of installing wooden flooring. This will be when installing wood floors on concrete or onto subfloors with posibility of running pipes below. To be on the safe side we have to go for installation with wood floor adhesives. This method is appropriate as well for Hardwood floor fitting or deco / pattern floorings.

Nailing Down

The name says it all. Nailing gives you a deck-like style floor. Generally speaking, whether you opt for a glued or nailed floor is a matter of personal preference, except for the rare cases when the wood type requires nailing rather than gluing. Using nails to fasten down the flooring is advisable in the case of hardwood with thickness of about 3/4 of an inch. Getting the flooring stapled down in place is just another type of nailing. The advantage of having your floor stapled down is the process is easier and much quicker and is vastly preferred.

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