Wood Floor Sanding and Sealing

Wood Floor Sanding is our speciality when it comes to floor restoration and we claim to know virtually everything about it. We’ve got years long experience dealing with a wide variety of wooden floors. We have been growing rapidly and now offer the ultimate restoration services portfolio in MD.

Floor sanding is a craft that takes quite a while to master become confident with. The art of transforming the look of rusty boards or 100s of years old parquet into a fine, beautiful floor and see it returned to its former glory of shiny and smooth finish feels great and the happy faces or our customers at the result of our work is a reward in its own.

Wood floor sanding is a stage of the wood floor restoration process that relates to the preparation of the floors. sanding removes the protective layer of your floor, be it varnish, oils or wax and makes their surface smooth, clean and flat.

Sanding and Sealing

Sometimes older boards or parquet blocks may need be re-fitted, so as to repair existing problems or entirely replaced if parts of the floor have been damaged due to moisture, wearing, improperly fitted boards or simply boards that have excessively aged with time.

We are proud of our professional range of equipment and methods, used to polish off the unnecessary layer of wood and give the new floor surface a uniform, smooth and fine finish. Most of our floor sanding equipment is dust free, although due to the nature of the sanding process some dust particles remain uncaptured. Our floor men however, will provide dust sheets during the job, so all areas where even small amount of dust is undesirable can be properly sealed and protected.

If you wish us to help you imagine how your old wood floors will look after the floor renovation, we will be happy to provide a sample area during the viewing of your floors. Seeing for yourself is nice, plus it helps with decoration planning, since you may decide you´d rather have a perfect match and go for one of our floor staining options.

Sealing Sanded Floors – Varnishing and Oiling

Once your wood floors have been sanded, stained and its gaps filled to perfection, we can get down to finalising the job and seal the bear wood surface. Sealing the floor using proper varnishes or oils is crucial. We use profesional high-quality products by industry leaders like Bona, Osmo and Junckers. And because we care about how we leave our client’s environment, we use non-toxic, waterbourne varnishes with low odour and without any hazard to health. Finally, these products are environmentally friendly, so that’s our way of protecting Nature and contributing to a cleaner, better world for all of us.

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